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mk11.jpgNetherRealm Studios has released the official gameplay trailer for Sindel, the next DLC fighter to be released for Mortal Kombat 11.

Early access for Kombat Pack owners begins November 26th, and December 3rd for everyone else.

Along with Sindel, a Gothic Horror skin pack will also be available for Raiden, Geras, and Cetrion.

Maybe it's because I wasn't excited for her at all, but she actually looks fun!
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I think she looks pretty decent. I like how they incorporated her hair into her fighting style without going overboard with it. I also loved where she impaled her opponent and slowly pulled them down with her hair. That was brutal.
Pretty good I do say. She is quick and has nice moves. I would like to see a new move while she is in the air. The shooting projectile is good, maybe be a body slam using her hair while she is hovering. She also has cleavage showing, nice skin, ready to see her other skins.
I am really excited to play as Sindel because she seems amazing. It honestly makes me sad that we don't have all the MK characters in the game because NRS has killed it so far with gameplay and the visuals.

Could you imagine how Havik, Kintaro or Smoke would look and play, it would be crazy. It makes me said that Sektor and Cyrax weren't playable because the custom gear pieces (no pun intended) would look phenomenal.

So after I watched the trailer, I have a question....Is Sindel possessed by a banshee now so that is why she screams loud?

Like when Quan Chi resurrected her do you think he could have transferred a banshee soul into her.
Could you imagine how Havik
I honestly was really hoping for Havik. He was one of my favorites from MKD.

As for the whole banshee thing with Sindel, I'm curious what that's all about as well.
I honestly was really hoping for Havik. He was one of my favorites from MKD.

I am willing to bet money that Kombat Pack 2 will feature Fujin, Sheeva, Havik, Ash Williams, Micheal Myers and Harley Quinn.
Kombat Kast November 21 at 4pm Eastern time 1pm Pacific time



I actually really like how they explained everything now.
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