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Creation of the Realms
Delia forsees Armageddon
Argus & Delia place their sons Taven & Daegon in hibernation
Delia creates Blaze
Shinnok banished to the Netherrealm by Raiden
Shao Kahn poisons Onaga and takes control of Outworld
Shao Kahn invades Zaterra, merging it with Outworld
Shao Kahn invades Edenia and kills King Jerrod. He merges Edenia with Outworld, takes Queen Sindel as his bride, and adopts Princess Kitana
Queen Sindel dies unexpectedly
Elder Gods realize Shao Kahn's intention to merge all realms with Outworld, and create the Mortal Kombat tournament
Goro defeats the Great Kung Lao in Mortal Kombat (c. 1492), and goes on to win the next eight tournaments
Blaze is captured by Onaga's holy men and forced to guard the last great dragon egg
Caro awakens Daegon
Daegon forms the Red Dragon Clan
Shujinko begins his quest for the Kamidogu, roughly 60 years before the events of Mortal Kombat: Deception.
Quan Chi hires both the Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu to obtain the sacred map of elements
Sub-Zero kills Scorpion at the Shaolin temple where the sacred map of elements is located
Quan Chi kills entire Shirai Ryu clan, including its leader Takeda and Scorpion's family, in exchange for the sacred map of elements
Quan Chi hires Sub-Zero to obtain Shinnok's amulet from the Temple of Elements
Sub-Zero obtains Shinnok's amulet by defeating the four elemental gods in the Temple of Elements
Quan Chi delivers a fake amulet to Shinnok, keeping the real one for himself
With Quan Chi's help, Shinnok defeats Lucifer and begins forming the Brotherhood of the Shadow
Sub-Zero defeats Shinnok in the Netherrealm and takes back the amulet
Both Sub-Zero and Raiden are unaware it's a fake
Liu Kang becomes Mortal Kombat champion (MK1, c. 1992), thus ending Outworld's nine tournament winning streak
Liu Kang wins second Mortal Kombat tournament. This time, he defeats Shao Kahn in Outworld (MKII, c. 1993)
Events of Mortal Kombat: Special Forces
According to Ed Boon, the hypothetical events of MK vs. DC Universe occur sometime between MKII and MK3
Sindel is resurrected and Shao Kahn invades Earthrealm
According to altered timeline of Mortal Kombat (2011), Sub-Zero is captured and turned into a cyborg by the Lin Kuei.
Liu Kang defeats Shao Kahn (MK3, c. 1995)
Earthrealm & Edenia are restored
With Quan Chi's help, Shinnok escapes the Netherrealm and invades Edenia
Liu Kang defeats Shinnok (MK4, c. 1997)
Quan Chi escapes from the Netherrealm and forms the Deadly Alliance with Shang Tsung
The Deadly Alliance kills Shao Kahn & Liu Kang (c. 2002)
Deadly Alliance defeats Raiden
Onaga, the Dragon King, returns (c. 2004)
Orin awakens Taven
Taven defeats Blaze
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