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injustice2.jpgA new Injustice 2 trailer titled Here Come The Girls featuring Black Canary, Cheetah, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy has been released.

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I really liked the trailer and all the ladies look awesome plus at 1:00 it looks like Gorilla City will be an arena for Injustice 2 which just makes me so damn happy. Shang Tsung - Rainbow
Black Canary we already saw.
Catwoman I didn't use in the first one, but I like her design in this one much more.
Cheetah I don't like visually and I can't really judge her gameplay yet.
Poison Ivy looks great in every way. Hope for more gameplay soon so we can see what she can really do. Her Super Move is awesome.
More stages is always good, the roster looks pretty healthy so far.
I didn't expect another announcement so soon after Swamp Thing, I'm very happy about that.
Cheetah is the one I'm excited for most. I can't wait to play as her!
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