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FDMK on TwitterThrill Kill
killer_instinct_xbox_one.jpgIron Galaxy has uploaded a new video to their official Youtube channel titled "ULLLTIMATESSSSS are BACK!"

The roughly two minute video features a match between Jago and new fighter Kilgore, with Jago emerging victorious by finishing off his opponent with an Ultimate Combo!

Unfortunately, it hasn't been revealed when these new finishers will be implemented. It also is not known whether all the characters will be getting them at the same time, or only a few characters at a time over the course of multiple game game updates.
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Ultimates Coming Febuary
About damn time! Sabrewulf - Howl
So, Iron Galaxy has revealed the other four characters who will get ultimates in the first pack (along with Jago). I gotta say, I'm kind of disappointed. These not so much kill moves, but rather shorter, flashier, more powered up ultras. Combos is literally just some punches. Meh...





More info on ultimates - https://www.ultra-combo.com/ultimates/
I dunno, the only one I really didn't like was TJ's.
I dunno, the only one I really didn't like was TJ's.
Jago's is some sword slashes and a giant fireball. The loser is on fire but not charred. That's kind of dumb. This would've been 100% more satisfying if the loser was at least charred looking.

Thunder's starts off cool with the crows, then just ends up as a stomp with some lightning. You don't even get to see the loser charred on the ground. Again, would've been much better if you got to see the loser burning and charred.

The final blow in Maya's takes place off-screen. MKvsDCU anyone? So lame.

TJ Combo...just a combination of punches. Enough said. I would've rather had his classic neck breaker or screen smash.

Tusk's is actually the only decent kill move, but it still takes place off-screen. Why?

Because it's rated T, like MKvsDCU. I don't know what you expected.
Because it's rated T, like MKvsDCU. I don't know what you expected.
The fatalities in MKvsDCU showed impalements, and scorched bodies, and skeletons, and crushed bodies, and crushed heads, and gunshots, and missile attacks, etc.
Sadira's Ultimate, May 2nd releases

Riptor's released
Riptor's released
That was...uhhh...what the fuck actually happened? Nightwolf - Eyebrow

Sadira's Ultimate, May 2nd releases

Yay, another off-screen implied death... Darrius - Thumbs Down

Here's Kilgore's. Now this is how they all should all be. The death is clearly shown and not implied. Why is showing someone get blown up okay but, impalement is not?
Sabrewulf's Ultimate
These so called ultimates truly are garbage.
Wow these are just really lame.
Still want the game though Mokap - Laugh
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