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killer_instinct_xbox_one.jpgMicrosoft Studios creative director Adam Isgreen confirmed that the barbarian Tusk will be playable in Killer Instinct Season 3. He joins Kim Wu and Battletoad’s Rash, as well as at least one more guest character, according to Isgreen.

He also confirmed that both the feral fighter and Kim Wu will have retro costumes, and both characters will be available upon Season 3's launch this March.

However, previous Killer Instinct final bosses Eyedol and Gargos most likely will not be included in Season 3.

“Eyedol is tough. It’s like this weird Harryhausen monster with satyr legs and a giant club and he had like two moves and he was super cheap,” Isgreen said.

Additional information revealed by Isgreen:

  • Confirmed exclusively for Windows 10.

  • Two characters that are currently on the roster will be re-worked. That means their set ups and how they gain meter will be different. It is confirmed that these two characters are not Glacius, Aganos, or Shadow Jago.

  • Although Ultimates for every character aren't confirmed, it is possible for all the characters to receive Ultimates due to the tech they developed when they created ARIA.

  • There will be more community bundles in Season 3 due to the success of the Shadow Jago Fund Raiser.

  • Updated Dojo Tutorial.

  • More characters will be available at launch than there were in the launch of Season 2. The remaining few will be available in the coming months.

  • Everyone on the roster will have tweaks to help balance the game to compensate for the new features and mechanics being introduced in Season 3.
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Vampire character may be introduced and appearances of Eyedol and Gargos may be
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